The Ex-Home of Katie Lee Joel

I am a big Nate Berkus fan and the former home of Katie Lee Joel is a perfect example of why. Full of exquisite design and beautiful pieces, this house is impeccable. There is something to love in every room.
(all photos from Hello Lovely and Evan Joseph)

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Interiors by Croma

Ryan Martin and Amy Kent are the creative minds behind Croma. Their interior designs are simple, clean, crisp, classic. No overstuffed or fussy decor here.

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Event Decor by White Lilac Inc.!

The holidays are rapidly approaching and if you need some decor ideas, White Lilac Inc. has PLENTY of incredible inspiration!! Their event creations are spectacular and while most of us may not be able to pull off everything that they do, these pictures are still fantastic and will give you some ideas! ( I especially love Light Me Up)
(all photos from White Lilac Inc.)

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Paris Glam!!

Settled in Nouvelle Athènes, this Parisian apartment (by Kelli Wilde and Laurent Champeau) is minimal and subtly glam. I appreciate when designers take risks and a lot of the design here is bold and a bit off the wall but it works. Bravo!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

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Caitlin Wilson Interiors

The interiors by Caitlin Wilson are not short on color or sophistication. Caitlin has been making peoples interior dreams come true since 2007 and she loves creating that perfect space for her clients. There is an elegance to her designs and she pays great attention to detail in each and every space.
(all photos from Caitlin Wilson)


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Colorful Philadelphia Penthouse!

Color abounds in this fun and beautiful Philadelphia penthouse! The home, designed by Caitlin Wilson, is vibrant, full of life and very stylish. I love it all!
(all photos from Home Adore)

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