Car Shaped House in Austria!!

This car shaped house near Salzburg, Austria has got to be one of the most creatively designed homes ever! The Voglreiter Auto Residence was designed by Markus Voglreiter. He took a 70's style house and transformed it into a Beetle-esque 900 square foot, 3 story home for his family.
Years after creating his Auto Home, Markus designed a restaurant/bar with a very similar exterior! Read about the restaurant here!
(photos from Inhabitat and freshome)

 Designer, Markus Voglreiter.

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Terrific Turquoise!!!

Turquoise is one of those colors that is so complimentary to so many other colors and summer always make me think turquoise. While turquoise jewelry is always popular you can use the color anywhere and it's a great color no matter what season it is! Here's some inspiration

 Photo from House of Turquoise

Photo from Design Eur Life

Photo from Elle Decor

Photo from House of Turquoise

Photo from House of Turquoise

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Memorial Weekend Tent Sale @ High Fashion Home!

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May 25th through May 28th.  50-75% off Tent Sale Items!

The Memorial Weekend Tent Sale is back!  We are partnering with our manufacturer, FOUR HANDS, to bring over $500,000 of inventory from their warehouse to our store. Sale starts at 10am this Friday through Monday. From industrial modern to eclectic chic, there will be truckloads of amazing furniture from all of over the world. Items will be marked 50-75% off while supplies last.

Feast your eyes on a few standouts that will be available:

Mallory 77" Sofa.  Was $649.  Now $324.50 (This is not a typo!)

Jefferson Queen Bed, Hollis Granite.  Was $1455.  Now $727.50.

 Sinclair Leather Chair with Metal Arms.  Was $1936.  Now $968.
 Whitman Large Leather Chest 5 Drawer.  Was $2530.  Now $1265.

Tribeca Leather Club Chair.  Was $2240.  Now $1120. 

Rockwell Cart Coffee Table.  Was $999.  Now $499.50.

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W Retreat in Thailand!!

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Oh my! Can we please talk about how incredible this place looks!! W Hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations and stylish decor and the W Retreat in Koh Samui (by MAPS Design) is no exception. Fantastic views of the gorgeous landscape abound and glistening waters surround you. Enjoy a spa day, curl up with a book in the W library or take a nap on an outdoor lounger by the pool. On my long list of places to visit!
(photos via Contemporist)

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Kinko Assisted Art!!

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My friend, Jessica, saw this idea via Pinterest the other day and how fun!!! Take a ticket stub, play program (or in this picture an envelope) to Kinko's, have them blow it up and voila! instant personal art! Love this!
(photo from Blueprint Magazine)

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CC's 5 Faves - New Things

If you go to our website and click on "Shop What's New" you will find LOTS of recently added items. I picked my favorite 5 of those items. Here we go

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Vivanta in the Maldives!!

Oh Maldives.... how do I love thee?? While I have never been there, this is definitely somewhere that I WANT to go! I came across a new hotel there, the Vivanta by Taj, and it's incredible! See if you don't want to go too after looking at these pictures!
(photos via freshome)

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Converted Churches!

Churches are known for their beautiful architecture, intricate stained glass, incredible stonework and delicate details. Ever wished you could convert a church into your home? Well, there are plenty of people out there doing just that! I came across this post on Apartment Therapy and the homes they featured are so amazing!!

 The first 3 pictures are of a home in Houghton, Australia.
 (photos from Desire to Inspire)

The next 3 photos are of a home in The Netherlands.
(photos from Zecc Architects)

Next 2 photos from Homedit.

 Check out the confetti floor!

And, lastly, a home in England. 
(photos from Homedit)

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