"Trashy" Construction!!

A home with glass bottle walls? A house with an exterior covered in old bottle caps? 5,000 glass bottles, 30,000 bottle caps, 1.5 million plastic bottles?! People all over the world are taking what would usually wind up in their landfills or waterways and using them to build walls, homes for families or simply giving the outside of their house a seriously colorful facelift! See what I mean....

 Olga Kostina of Russia has collected THOUSANDS of bottle caps over the years that she hammers one by one to the outside of her home to create colorful patterns and even some animal pictures. She is amazing!! 
(photos from Tree Hugger)

 A close-up if the individually hammered caps.

Olga Kostina

 Men in Nigeria are using old plastic bottles filled with dry soil to build 3 room structures for families. 
(photos from Tree Hugger)

 A recycled soup-can pavilion in Bat-Yam, Israel serves as art and a seating spot. 
(photos from Recyclart)

 Another Olga of Russia, Olga Queen, spent 6 months collecting the glass bottles to use as the walls for her home! Incredible. 
(photos from Tree Hugger)

Olga Queen

 The EcoARK in Taiwan was constructed using 1.5 MILLION plastic bottles!!! Yes, you read that correctly.
(photos from Tree Hugger)

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Anonymous Kay @Welding Blankets said...

I’ve never seen something as innovative as this! These pictures are indicative of some of the most sustainable measures taken by eco-friendly buffs. It is good to see such an innovative blend of creativity and sustainability!

October 25, 2012 at 3:14 AM  
Anonymous welding curtains said...

the idea of recycling is amazing I love the nailed caps so colorful and unique with every design.depends on the creativity.

November 10, 2012 at 6:47 AM  
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