Tug Of War: Which Nightstand Do You Like Best?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Our Tug of War challenge this week is among two charming nightstands. Between these two it's hard to choose, but that is why we have our readers to help us figure out which one is the belle of the ball. The Bowfront nightstand has been our go to mirrored chest. Our customers just love a little bling in their lives and when they see this piece it becomes their best friend or, even better, soul mate! This Bowfront is mirrored at every angle with a silver trim to finish it off. Now, for those of you who need a statement that's not mirrored friendly, check out the 3 Drawer Textured Chest. This piece has an alluring finish that suits any bedside. It's versatile design is great for masculine to feminine spaces. Time to put your votes in and let us know which you prefer! Go to our Facebook page and comment on your favorite nightstand so you can enter to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Click here to enter.

The Bowfront Chest

The 3 Drawer Textured Chest

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