Tug of War: Is Your Favorite the Caitlin or the Kingston?

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The classic dilemma for most High Fashion Home customers, which item should I buy?  We need your help to settle the debate. To vote, just root for your favorite below, by posting a comment on their side.  The side with the most comments wins and you're also entered to win a $200 gift certificate. Winner will be selected on January 24th! Click Here to enter.

The Caitlin Armless Chair

The Kingston Chair

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Blogger 'LUSH' said...

While I absolutely love both, I believe the Kingston will keep its classic appeal by two counts: one comfort due to having arms, and two, the wood being natural with stain. The pink tone gives it such a lifting modern classic appeal regardless of the chair. So my vote is for the Kingston.

January 11, 2012 at 9:57 AM  

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