What's Your Favorite Room: Blonde Voyage or Landing Pad?

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Time for a new Tug of War between two impeccable rooms! Blonde Voyage is vintage meets Gilligan's Island with characteristics that will rock anyone's boat. Cool antiques with a delicate ship wrecked look and modern pieces mixed in to create a wonderful humble abode. Landing Pad has a different more masculine look. Every piece ties in with each other to create a very chic pad! Who wouldn't love to relax in a room like this? Now it is your time to decide which room you prefer more. The Blonde Voyage or the Landing Pad? Go to our Facebook page and comment on your favorite to enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Click here to enter.

Blonde Voyage

Landing Pad

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Bottle Cap Table!

I found this table today via Pinterest. It looks fantastic!!! If you follow this link you can read a comment from the creator of the table to find out what she used to make it. Love it!!

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Cyber Monday Savings!!!!

Aren't we all lucky that we not only have Black Friday to save money on gifts but we also have Cyber Monday!! High Fashion Home is offering $35 off purchases that are over $100!!! We have so many wonderful gifts to offer and great stocking stuffers too! When you shop online use the promotional code CYMONDAY (enter code in the promo code field during checkout) to receive the $35 off your purchase of over $100!! Here are some examples of our fun stocking stuffer ideas and great gifts!

Slap Watches are available in several colors!!

And much, much more!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

All of us at High Fashion Home and Fabrics would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!! We are tremendously thankful for all of your support and we look forward to the years ahead! Thank you! : )

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Stark House!

Whenever I do these different blog posts, I come across the Stark name often. Stark rugs, carpets, fabrics etc. are extremely popular in the interior design world. The home in this post belongs to Ashley Stark (creative director for Stark) and I love it so. I love that each room has it's own look. I love that she is not afraid to use color and prints. I love that she uses big, statement pieces. I just love it.
(photos from Elle Decor)

 The living room is beautifully arranged with lots of seating.

 Love the sea urchin light fixture in the dining room!

 The vintage Newell table in the foyer is so beautiful! And of course there's a great rug in there!

 I love that she kept the kitchen all white and stainless steel.

 LOVE the vintage hand chairs and dark walls in the den!

 The Tiffany blue walls are perfect with the mirrored and clear pieces in the dressing room.

 That light fixture and headboard in the bedroomhttp://www.highfashionhome.com/furniture-bedroom.html! Love, love.

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The Cullen House from Twilight!

Now, whether you are a Twilight fan or not, I think we can all agree with the statement that the Cullen House from the movie is most incredible! Yes, I went to see the latest movie, Breaking Dawn, at midnight the other night with hundreds of other Twi-hards. Judge if you'd like. ; ) There are a lot of shots of the house in this movie and I just kept thinking "My gosh, this house is amazing!" The house was designed by Skylab Architecture in Portland and is actually called the Hoke Residence (named that because the person that originally bought the house was John Hoke; the director of footwear design for Nike)
(photos from Design Tavern and Freshome)

 I love the combo of wood and cement. Looks beautiful.

 A gorgeous entrance.

 I love this shot! Shows the beautiful color of the wood and lines of the house.

 Such clean lines and simple design. And so bright!

 I love all the windows and the outside view that all of them offer.

 Spacious living room with built ins!

 Fabulous kitchen! I love how it's not walled off from everything. It's part of the whole room. And that island with the extended bar/table is genius!

 I love the long window behind the sofa! Hey. That floor lamp looks familiar! It's our Cora Floor Lamp!

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New Room Ideas at High Fashion Home!

For those of you that didn't receive our latest mailer and/or those of you that haven't visited our website recently, I want to share some of my favorite new "Room Ideas". You can find all of the room ideas on our website but these are my faves.

 Bureau of Style. The wallpaper first caught my eye but the Caitlin Chair and the Wright Desk are fantastic!

Mediterranean Hipster. So colorful! LOVE the St. Michel Chairs and the Metal and Glass Lantern I want right now!

Jazz Loft featuring the Santomer Platform Bed. So chill and wonderful.

Plum Dandy! I love all the purples. The Gramercy Sectional and the Othello Coffee Table are fabulous!

Landing Pad. Love the leather and golds. The Gimlet Ottoman is beautiful!

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Thanksgiving Is Next Week..... What?!?

Riding in the car today, my 14 year old nephew turns to me and says, "Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?" I must have looked confused and of course I was thinking, "No. It's not next week" but it is!! Wasn't yesterday Halloween? So, of course I had to spring into action and offer up some Thanksgiving decorating ideas so here they are!

 Love this succulent, persimmon, moss and pine cone mix!! So beautiful.

Another shot from the same table. I think the persimmons as place holders is so cute!

Love the colors on this table!
(photo from Country Living)

WOW! Perhaps a little over the top but WOW!
(photo here)

So beautiful and of course it's from Martha.
(photo from Martha Stewart)

I love the DIY flowers so much! Such a bonus that they are made out of paper bags!
(photo and how to directions from A Place For Us)

Love this!

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In The Navy...Blue That Is!

Navy blue is such a beautiful color. It's so rich and dramatic and not used as often as it should be. It's a great color on walls or with accent pieces in a room. Here are some inspiring navy blue rooms.

I love this little navy blue dresser. And the blue drapes! Lovely.
(photo from decor pad)

LOVE the navy sofa and the chevron rug! The whole room is fantastic!
(photo from houzz)

The navy wallpaper is beautiful!!
(photo from homes-design)

Our Annie Chair is so elegant in navy blue!

Such a pretty navy blue and white hallway.
(photo from Traditional Home)

I love the idea of using prints or paint on the inside back part of a shelf and the navy here looks fabulous!

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Such A Dreamy Bed!

Oh how I love the way this bed looks. I want to jump right in it for the longest nap ever! I love the skylight, the wallpapered accent wall and the little table next to the bed is perfect. I'm in love with this space.
(photo from House and Home)

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