Tray Tables

Tray tables are a wonderful thing. I love that you can use them anywhere you might need them (because they are so easy to move) and they are easily put away if you don't need them. Not to mention the fabulous fact that you can take the tray right off the top and use it by itself if you need to. I was checking out Elle DecorTop 10 Tray Tables but this first one inspired this post.  when I saw this pretty tray table; actually, their online article was for their

Clover Mirrored Coaching Table by Chelsea House
LOVE the red and the mirrored surface! Favorite.

Tray Table by Linley
The tray is available in different colors

And, High Fashion Home's, Tayloe Tray Table
It has a mirrored surface too. I love that.

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Houston Furniture Designer- Cubb

Hello to all! I really do enjoy the "Shop Local" option that Etsy has because it makes finding people in your own city so easy and I LOVE supporting my locals. Today I found Cubb. Cubb is a Houston based, husband and wife furniture shop on Etsy. They make beautiful, "Mid Century Danish Modern" inspired wood pieces (all by hand!) and have been for about 10 years now. Truly wonderful things!

 The Mid Century Danish Modern Wooden Table Lamp. Made of Mesquite. So simple and lovely. The desk/shelf is also a Cubb creation and here is better picture of it.

The Leaning Bookshelf with Desk. They do offer the bookshelf without the desk too.

The Hans Wegner style foot stool. Can also be customized as a bench.

Hand woven 1960's era White Oak Dining Chair.

LOVE their Mid Century Danish Modern Style End Table! It's just so pretty. 

The Coffee Table and Entertainment Unit are also Cubb made. However, neither is listed for sale on the Etsy shop BUT if you love them they can be made for you; you just have to message Cubb and let them know you're interested in whichever one. The Coffee Table is beautiful.

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Make A Statement

A while back (December to be exact), all I wanted was a few good books.  Lucky me, I ended up getting all three!  After a very busy Sping and Summer, I finally finished reading Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte, and I'm really glad I did.  I may not be someone who is totally oblivious to style, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say my style needed some fine tuning.  Sometimes all of the passing trends and influence from others can muddy the waters of your true self.  This book aims to pull the real you out of everything else with a lot of questions and guidance.  Of course, everyone's Style Statement will be different, and should be different, but here is what I came up with:

First of all, a Style Statement is encompassed in two little words, the first of which describes 80% of you, the second, 20% of you.  My Style Statement is... drumroll, if you please... Cherished Inspiration.  Since I'm better with pictures than with words, I'll explain it just that way.

My Cherished side, which makes up the largest part of my personality, is all about family and home.  It makes sense, considering the fact that my husband and I are just starting our family (anytime now!) and live close to our families.  Naturally, my home and the way it looks is important to me.  I spend a lot of my free time there!  My dream home?  A Parisian apartment- located in Houston.  (Photo via Elle Decor.)

Light and airy is what I love.  Light colors and lots of white are relaxing and clean.  Heavy, dark decor makes me feel weighted down.  It would seem I need to make a lot of changes to my current furniture!  (Unfortunately, the vanity above has been sold, but isn't it great?  By deerdane via Etsy.)

My Cherished wardrobe: Tailored jeans and simple tees a la J. Crew with just a little bit of sparkle (like the gorgeous dangly earrings below!)  My Inspired wardrobe:  A healthy dose of sparkle courtesy of Rodarte (file that one under I Wish...)

For everyday, I like my sparkle in small doses.  A pair of earrings (Indian Stone Earrings in Fuschia by Chameleon Jewelry from Charm and Chain, $48) or a necklace is all I need.

My Cherished side always needs a project and loves to take care of people.  Baking delicious french macarons will kill two birds with one stone!  (Macarons from Sparkles Kitchen via Etsy- yum!)

If you're a sucker for style, I'd highly recommend reading Style Statement.  It was a lot of fun to complete all of the questions, and it has helped me develop a style all my own.  Nothing better!

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Tug of War: The Brae or the Miles sofa?

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Tug of war is back and ready to give you another challenge. We have two really great sofas that everyone one loves, but which one do you love more? The Brae is elegant and gives you a modern traditional feel. It will make any space feel like you never want to leave. Plus, this sofa comes with extra pillows. Now, that's a great buy! We shouldn't forget how charming the Miles can be. This transitional sofa is very fashionable and it could be that statement that completes your living space. It has one seat cushion that prevents you from sliding into each other and a beautifully curved back that is pleasing to that eye. Why not choose the Miles? It's up to you to let us know which sofa you like the best. Just Click here to vote on our Facebook page and you could be entered to win a $200 gift card to our store!

The Brae Sofa
The Miles Sofa


Again With The Wallpaper!

At the beginning of January I blogged about wallpaper. I wasn't sure if wallpapers had just gotten cuter or if more and more people were just using it again. I guess it turns out that both are true. I came across an article on Real Simple that mentions how wallpaper is "back in vogue" and they offered a few amazing wallpapers and tips for how to do it yourself, so I wanted to share.

This is the Antoinette Damask by Blue Mountain Wallcoverings. I LOVE pink and black together and I love damask prints so of course I love this one!

This wallpaper is beautiful and really clean looking. It's Joli Trail in Aqua by Thibaut.

How can you really go wrong with black and white? Love the chair too! This is a peel and stick vinyl wallpaper; Black Jack and Ghost Stripes by Brewster.

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High Gloss Magazine!

I'd like to introduce you to High Gloss Magazine. It's a new online magazine... actually, it was launched yesterday to be exact. High Gloss was created by Houston's own Paloma Contreras. She is also the mastermind behind the very popular design blog, La Dolce Vita. Below are some pictures from the High Gloss first issue. The magazine really does offer some incredible ideas and info! Enjoy!

The ladies behind High Gloss Magazine
Here are links to their blogs/websites:

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Tug Of War: The Dome Chair or the Jefferson Chair?

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What a challenge we have made between two lovely chairs. Which one would you choose? The very enclosed, but beautifully created Dome chair or it's wing backed companion, the Jefferson chair. Now, I know this is a tough one and you may be indecisive, but take your time to think about which one you prefer. They are both wonderfully composed chairs. Just hit up our Facebook page and pick which one is your favorite. Once you have commented you will be entered for a chance to win a $200 gift card to use with High Fashion Home. Hopefully you will be the lucky winner. Click here to enter.

The Dome Chair


The Jefferson Chair

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