I heard about MetroSofa (created by David Ballinger) sometime in the past week while reading The Houston Chronicle. The article featured their British Flag Throne Chair. Pretty cute, so I decided to see what other things MetroSofa had to offer. Of course I saw more cute things and was then pleasantly surprised to read that "Renewable, Sustainable, Recyclable, Reclaimed" are some of their favorite words. Most of the furniture begins with a gently used wood frame and then the folks at MetroSofa fill it in with whatever they want or they also do custom orders (they can and will print anything on fabric!). Check out some of the items below.

Here is the British Flag Throne Chair that peaked my curiosity. 

I love the Yellow Crushed Velvet Louis Chair! So bright and cheery.  

Also, while checking out the website, I found out that MetroSofa isn't just MetroSofa; their sister sites are MetroShed (actually the Mother site), MetroCabin, MetroShip and MetroArtwork

 An example of the MetroShed. It's prefab and whatever you want it to be.

An example of MetroCabin. Another prefab item. Small guest house maybe?

And, MetroShip, is you've ever wanted a houseboat!

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Diane von Furstenberg Home Collection!!

Perhaps you have already heard (I hadn't) that Diane von Furstenberg is launching her new home collection sometime this month. If you haven't heard, well, now you have!! I am so excited to see all of her new home line! I love her designs and so far I have really liked what I have seen of her home collection. She uses color but not too much and funky shapes for her tableware. From what I've read via Oprah Magazine, the DVF home collection will be carried at Bloomingdale's and can be ordered through the Diane von Furstenberg which are already available. Check it out below. website. DVF also offers a line of rugs.

 I like that the leopard print is in purple and pretty blues. (photo from Oprah magazine)

 Batik bedding and fun, funky shaped tableware. I love the bedding!

 I love these Batik Dot sheets! (photo from Oprah magazine)

 Colorful coasters and mugs. (photo from Oprah magazine)

 The Spiral Hearts rug is shown here. Available through The Rug Company. (photo from beautiful, anything)

The Funky Zebra rug. (photo from beautiful, anything)

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The Aviator

Aviator Desk: $1995.  Spitfire Chair: $995.

From the good folks at freshome, the Spitfire Chair and Aviator Desk from Restoration Hardware caught my eye when I was perusing through their blog.  I love the look.  This little set up should be the envy of any pilot in the sky.

Devon Leather Chair

High Fashion Home's own version with the Devon Chair: $975; A combination of mid-century modern and industrial chic.

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Tug Of War: Which Coffee Table Would You Choose?

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The Battle has begun between two fabulous coffee tables. The Element and the Palma coffee table are both unique and have great looks. The Element describes itself just by it's name. This coffee table is a steel table that is industrial and sleek. When this coffee table is in front of a sofa it gives the space personality. Now, the Palma is the complete opposite. The natural wood finish of this coffee table gives a rustic look that you feel comfortable with. It deserves a room that it can be appreciated so that guest can observes its wonderful attributes. Let us know how you feel about each coffee table on our Facebook page and you will be entered to win a $200 gift card to our store. Click here to enter.

The Element

Function meets unique design in the Element collection. The Element Coffee Table is crafted of iron and steel that features an antique nickel finish.

The Palma
The Palma Coffee Table is constructed of solid, reclaimed elm. The whitewash finished table is a compelling piece that fits in both a rustic or contemporary living room space.

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Industrial Chic

I love this room.  Everything from the old floor pavers to the cute chairs and metal top coffee table.

Industrial Chic is all the rage right now in the interior design world (courtesy of desire to inspire).  The reinvention of something old into something shiny and new has been a time honored tradition.  Industrial chic is no different with the mixing of shabby chic and streamlined industrial furniture pieces.

The bedroom is an excellent utilization of the attic space.  Everyone needs a gas station pump in their room.

 I adore the photos hanging up, clothes hanger style!

 I'm a big fan of mixing chair styles at the dining room table.

The big clock and industrial pendant are the big highlights in this photo. 

 Comfortable, yet chic.

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Revamp Your Home For 2011

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It's a new year which means it is time to divest yourself of that old furniture you are tired of. How about we just get rid of all the furniture that you are constantly saying you want to change. The moment has come to refresh yourself in 2011. Now, it may not be as easy as 1, 2, & 3, but I am here to help you take action and give you ideas to assist you through your new journey. Here are a few ideas to inspire your imagination.

Living Space

Now, in your living space you need to decide what type of style you admire and what hues influence you. In this living space I chose to use neutrals and display color through accessories like the artwork. These days, anything that has been reclaimed is very popular. I incorporated that into the space through the end table and coffee table. The clean lines of the sofa and the curved tufting of the chairs create a transitional look and produce interest in the space.

Living space contains: Chatham Sofa $1579; Michelle Chair $529; Teak Root Coffee Table $1499; Hampton Barrel Side Table $229; Flora Urbana II, III, IV $138

The Dining Area

  In the dining space I chose to pick a bold color, like purple, and contrast it with green wall decor. Also, I used a reclaimed dining table to give the space texture with the natural wood finish. The dining chairs are beautifully detailed with the black upholstery and tufted back. The space is not what is expected and picking these daring colors makes the space one of its own.

Dining Area contains: Green Free Form Lily Plate $19.95-$112.95; Pendent Lamp Vino XL $450; Opio Dining Table $1699; Stella Dining Chair $299;

The Bedroom

Everyone wants their bedroom to be a place where they feel comfortable and they are able to relax in. Being able to customize this room would be a dream. High Fashion Home has many options in dressers, nightstands, and desks for your bedroom. They also have many bed frame options and there is one in particular that stands out. It is the Nocturne bed program and in this program you are able to customize your bed in 6 different categories. The bed size can be a twin, full, queen, king, or California king. There is also different fabrics options and nail head finishes.

The Albert bed is one of the many style choices. Let us see all the options that this bed offers.

From your living room to your bedroom the options are endless. The ideas displayed are to help stimulate your creative thinking. Now, go forth and find out what you love and let us know what ideas you have for your home.

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Scrabble Pillows!

I came upon these pillows today while on Etsy.... Yes, I know, I do enjoy looking at that site. I just think they're really cute; even cuter if you LOVE Scrabble or just want to spell out words with pillows. : )

These are from shopdirtsa

Another picture of the shopdirtsa pillows

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Tug Of War: Which Dining Table Would You Choose?

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This week we have agreed to start a battle between two of our most favored dining tables. The Magnolia round and the Santos square dining tables. Both have a beautiful look to them and also add a great presence to a room. The Magnolia dining table has an appealing white wash finish with an elegant base. It's style is versatile which makes it an easy pick for any setting. The Santos dining table has a little bit more character. It tells stories with its reclaimed peroba wood details and smooth ebony finish. These tables are both superb, but which one is better than the other?

Help us settle this debate by going onto our facebook page (Click here) and pick which table you prefer with a comment next to it. In doing this you will be automatically entered to win a $200 gift certificate for our store.

The Magnolia Dining Table
The Magnolia Dining Table is a wonderfully crafted table that can fit in any dining room. It is handcrafted of mango wood with a raw, white finish created through sandblasting.

The Santos Dining Table

Tablecloth? Blasphemy. Designed with precise angular strokes, the Santos Dining Table is a commanding presence in any space. Available in two shapes (square, round) and a variety of corresponding widths, the Santos Dining Table has unparalleled versatility.

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Desire To Inspire

High Fashion Home is now a proud sponsor on Desire To Inspire.  They wrote a great welcome post that we have included below.  I love that they used our Room Ideas photos to show off our store.


We've got a new sponsor in the house, by the name of High Fashion Home. It's another I could not help but get excited about because they have some reeeeeally hot furniture. I found at least 10 pieces I adore within the first couple minutes on their website. Yeah, it's yummy. They have a huge 125,000 sq ft location in Houston, TX, that looks like a playground for interior design enthusiasts. And you can shop online, and they currently ship only to destinations within the 48 contiguous states, so some of us (like Jo and I) will have to love from afar. They cater to all sorts of styles, as you will see below: Earthy Modern, Industrial Countryside Chic, French Gothic Arboretum, Rustic Zen Ranch, Boutique Hotel, Traditional Glam and Office Vintage Chic. (P.S. They have jumped on the blog bandwagon - check it out here.)

Vintage Chic Office:  Modern home decor for the office; Palma Desk, Chase Ottoman, Devon Chair, Element Cabinet.

Traditional Glam: Contemporary bedroom furniture; Amelia Bed, Bowfront Mirror 3-Drawer Chest.

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Fantastic Jewelry By Houston Designer!!

I love checking out what Etsy has to offer; there's so much. Even more, I love when I come across a local designer with amazing items! I adore the creations by Desi. Her Etsy shop is called bijouxbydesif and her jewelry is wonderful! Check out her pieces below.... oh yeah, she's is currently having an end of the year sale!! Bonus!

Green is my favorite color! These Green Peridot Branch Earrings are so pretty.

I love these! They are so lovely and delicate looking. Blue Chalcedony Leaf Earrings.

Aquamarine and Orange Chalcedony Chandelier Earrings. I love the 2 different stone colors together.

These Cairo-Pearl Earrings are one of my favorite!

How about these Pink Mystic Quartz Swirl Earrings?? Beautiful. 

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