Tug of War: Battle of The Settee's.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Perfect for small seating areas, the settee brings a whole new meaning to cute and cozy. That is why we have chosen two stunning loveseats for our new Tug of War battle. Both the Elyse and the Phillip would be categorized in the classic Victorian style, but with different characteristics that separate both. The Phillip Loveseat is beautifully made with intricate details. It's a piece that is not hard to notice and will contribute to the beauty of your home. The Elyse Settee has more subtle details that are done excellently and provide a comforting place to sit. This settee is a vision of elegance that will last you a lifetime. The real question is which one do you prefer, simple comfort or enchanting charm. Head over to our Facebook page and comment on which settee/loveseat you like best. Your comment will automatically enter you to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Don't miss out, click here to enter.

Phillip Loveseat

Elyse Settee

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