Digital-Only Textbook for Kids

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Let me start of by professing my love for the Kindle.  E-readers are definitely the future, and it looks like the future is finally about to descend upon our public school systems.  McGraw-Hill just launched it's first digital only textbook.

There are numerous advantages of the digital only format.  When publishers need to make minor updates, they won't have to print thousands of these heavy text books to schools around the country.  It saves paper, saves gas, and most importantly, saves money.  Each paper book costs roughly $50-80 dollars to our school systems (Let's not talk about the budget shortfalls that most public entities are facing).  Now they can send a quick update so that students will have instant access to the right information.

With the price of e-readers dropping quickly, our kids might be able to get their hands on one sooner than later.  Worst case, parents should buy their kids an e-reader instead of a phone or video game system.

I love my Kindle!

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