The Hotel Fasano Rio de Janeiro by Philippe Starck

Friday, June 17, 2011

From Contemporist,  the Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro is a jaw-dropping hotel from the legendary design eye of Philippe Starck.  The hotel sits beach side with stunning views of the mountain side.  After looking at these photos, my desire to visit Brasil has increased ten fold.

 The Wilco Dining has a gorgeous mid-century modern appeal.

I come from the school of clean, crisp white bed sheets with just a splash of color.  Understated, yet beautiful.

 I like that the bed is actually floating in the middle room with the desk is set behind it.  Very creative use of space.

Modern, white bathroom design that evokes futuristic chic.

The open shelf underneath the sink creates an airy feel .  Nice and blissful.

 The lobby has a lot of seating options using warm, earthy tones.

 The English cigar room oozes "membership only."

 When you have a view like that, the picture frame window replaces the flat screen TV that normally adorns the bar.

Yes please.  The infinity pool leads up to a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.

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