70's Style Home in Palm Springs

Friday, April 01, 2011

This house wonderful! I love the openness of it. I found it today while checking out Elle Decor. The home belongs to graphic designer, Jeffery Kerns. Mr. Kerns did the decorating himself and states in the Elle Decor interview that he designs his rooms around the artwork on the walls. I think this is a different approach than what most people do but his rooms look great so maybe he's on to something. Enjoy! : )

 A view of the 70's ranch-style home.

 I love how colorful and fun the living room is! Artwork is by Richard Serra and Sean Duffy. The Great Dane is a nice touch too. : )

 The kitchen is incredible! It's so open and clean. I LOVE the cooktop island. 

 Again, very open and all the glass lets in so much light.

 Love the huge Lolita print. Don't be afraid of big artwork.

 I adore this boat tub by Wieki Somers! It's so different and fun.

A great outdoor space is so important to me so naturally I love this one.

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