Tug Of War: Which Setting Do You Like Best?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

We decided to change it up a bit. This tug of war won't be between two items, instead it is between two beautiful dining sets we created in our last catalog. You get to choose between Rustic Zen Ranch or French Gothic Arboretum. In the Rustic Zen Ranch there are a lot of old world pieces that gives the space character. The different elements in this setting are modern, but have a homely feel. Most of the items are reclaimed or refurbished from reused materials which generate a natural look. The French Gothic Arboretum shows how an industrial look is harmonious with the cool tones found in the details of the nature-inspired fabric.  Coordinating with the upholstery fabric, a textured, vibrant green rug ties the space together for a cohesive setting, perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests or family. Now, it's time for you to settle the debate on which setting is superb. Just click here to link to our facebook page, pick your favorite, and leave a comment letting us know why you like it. By commenting you will be entered to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Who wouldn't want that!

Rustic Zen Ranch
French Gothic Arboretum

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