Tug Of War: Which Dining Table Would You Choose?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This week we have agreed to start a battle between two of our most favored dining tables. The Magnolia round and the Santos square dining tables. Both have a beautiful look to them and also add a great presence to a room. The Magnolia dining table has an appealing white wash finish with an elegant base. It's style is versatile which makes it an easy pick for any setting. The Santos dining table has a little bit more character. It tells stories with its reclaimed peroba wood details and smooth ebony finish. These tables are both superb, but which one is better than the other?

Help us settle this debate by going onto our facebook page (Click here) and pick which table you prefer with a comment next to it. In doing this you will be automatically entered to win a $200 gift certificate for our store.

The Magnolia Dining Table
The Magnolia Dining Table is a wonderfully crafted table that can fit in any dining room. It is handcrafted of mango wood with a raw, white finish created through sandblasting.

The Santos Dining Table

Tablecloth? Blasphemy. Designed with precise angular strokes, the Santos Dining Table is a commanding presence in any space. Available in two shapes (square, round) and a variety of corresponding widths, the Santos Dining Table has unparalleled versatility.

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