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Monday, January 10, 2011

High Fashion Home is now a proud sponsor on Desire To Inspire.  They wrote a great welcome post that we have included below.  I love that they used our Room Ideas photos to show off our store.


We've got a new sponsor in the house, by the name of High Fashion Home. It's another I could not help but get excited about because they have some reeeeeally hot furniture. I found at least 10 pieces I adore within the first couple minutes on their website. Yeah, it's yummy. They have a huge 125,000 sq ft location in Houston, TX, that looks like a playground for interior design enthusiasts. And you can shop online, and they currently ship only to destinations within the 48 contiguous states, so some of us (like Jo and I) will have to love from afar. They cater to all sorts of styles, as you will see below: Earthy Modern, Industrial Countryside Chic, French Gothic Arboretum, Rustic Zen Ranch, Boutique Hotel, Traditional Glam and Office Vintage Chic. (P.S. They have jumped on the blog bandwagon - check it out here.)

Vintage Chic Office:  Modern home decor for the office; Palma Desk, Chase Ottoman, Devon Chair, Element Cabinet.

Traditional Glam: Contemporary bedroom furniture; Amelia Bed, Bowfront Mirror 3-Drawer Chest.

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