Food Network Magazine: Trays!

High Fashion Home was mentioned in the May 2010 issue of Food Network magazine.  The Melamine Trays have been a big hit since the issue hit the newsstands.  This high concept gift makes for a wonderful Mother's Day present and comes in a Champagne, Tea, and Breakfast theme. 

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Earth Day 2010: Trees! More Trees!

 (photo courtesy of Earth Day Network)

Thanks to all our customers for joining High Fashion Home and the Arbor Day Foundation to help save our planet.  For every piece of furniture sold at High Fashion Home, one tree will be planted through the Arbor Day foundation.  As of March 31, 2010, we have helped plant 9,722 trees.  

Here are some of the benefits one tree can make for years to come:
  • One tree can absorb more than a ton of carbon dioxide
  • Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can control $31,500 of soil erosion.
  • Trees help maintain clean water supplies.
  • One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen a year.
My math says our trees will help produce 2,527,720 pounds of oxygen in the next year.  Thanks to all of our great customers for helping the world breath a little bit easier.

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All Tied Up

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High Fashion Home is fit to be tied this Spring! Ohhh, haha it never gets old... okay, it does and I promise you that is the last one I use.

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Cynthia Vincent for Target!

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Coming this Sunday to a Target near you!

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I *HEART* Emmas Design Blogg

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Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! I have a little secret I have been guarding very carefully. It's my borderline obsession with Emmas Design Blogg. I love Scandinavian design and white walls, muted palettes, pops of unexpected color, wood floors, gray and brown accents. (I lived for a year in Stockholm and to this day I want to move back. Jag alskar Sverige!) I used to save the photos she posted in my inspiration file but then I realized that I was saving basically every photo. Each day I pour over her blog to drool over some other perfectly lit airy space that could be a part of my ideal dream flat.
And then I added her blog to my blogroll of faves on my personal blog. But no one except my Mom and Dad read that. So now I'm sharing with you. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
(you're welcome)

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Beautiful Dome Chairs

I saw this chair in Kelly Wearstler's Hue.  It is our popular Dome Chair upholstered in a mustard leather.  It looks spectacular.

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A Fashionable Life

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My dear friends at Harper's Bazaar have given us a treat in their latest April issue! They have taken us into the home of American Idol producer Simon Fuller and wife, Natalie Fuller. Their rebuilt 1920s home, located in Beverly Hills, is elegant and classic with 1940s and 50s pieces that are made very chic and modern with textiles.

Natalie Fuller on their staircase in a Victoria Beckham gown.

I love the pop of color of the sectional with a clean and neutral background. It really makes a statement.

The formal living room which has a pair of
1950s Italian railway chairs designed by Gio Ponti and Giulio Minoletti.

I love the classic clean look of this room that looks out towards the patio. The leopard print silk velvet on the 1950s Italian chairs is just striking in the room.

Natalie, in Michael Michael Kors, in their dining room. The 1940s Ico Parisi dining chairs compliment the table and the chandelier is amazing.

The bedroom with a flawless chandelier that is to die for!

The best thing about this house, in my opinion is the wine cellar. The cellar is filled with bottles given to couple on their wedding day. The cool thing is that Natalie has listed each bottle with the name of the guest who gifted it to them and when they visit, they share the bottle with each respected person.

The view of the rear garden and pool are amazing!

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Loving Bunting!

I'm really liking all of the cute bunting I'm seeing everywhere.  I may be inclined to make some for my little nugget's nursery.  I walked across the street to our sister store, High Fashion Fabrics, to check out their selection of printed cottons (of which there were a TON!) and found several that would work nicely.  Do I smell a new project?  After the crib bedding and the cross-stitch birth announcements, and throw pillows that is...

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Nursery School

Now that I'm halfway through my pregnancy and we know we're having a boy, John and I are getting started on the nursery.  My style definitely leans toward the modern side of the spectrum, and that's not always easy to find for baby goodies!  I've got a long way to go on nursery shopping, but I've found a couple of cool things so far...

Check out the unique "bookshelves" on the back wall.  I've already gotten a few board books from my mom and the baby hasn't even been born yet.  I think a couple of these will prove to be quite handy!  Photo via Ohdeeoh.

John really wanted a rocking chair in the room.  I searched antique stores high and low looking for a classic, clean-lined rocking chair.  Nothing.  I did, however, find this simple rocker at Pottery Barn Kids!  So, another task down, about a thousand to go!

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First of all, forgive me.  I don't know where I found this photo.  If anyone knows, please clue me in.

Second of all, is this vignette not incredibly striking?  Normally, I would describe this purple color as "vile", but in this case I really like it.  I especially like how the hydrangeas and even some of the books match!  Now that is what I call clever!

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Top 100 Interior Design Blogs

Amy has compiled an excellent list of "Top 100 Interior Design Blogs."  There are quite a few blogs on her list that I love.  The High Fashion Home Blog ranked #38 on the list.

Here is the excerpt from her list:

38. High Fashion Home : Anyone looking to decorate their homes or offices with trendy designer pieces will greatly enjoy browsing High Fashion Home’s extensive archive of photos and advice. 

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Apartment Interior in Hong Kong

 Here are some photos of apartment interiors done by HEAD Architecture and Design (via Contemporist).

 Great natural lighting in the room with bright, energetic wall colors.

 I love big sectionals.  I don't have a ton friends and family to fill it up.  But I like the idea of sitting in a different part of the sectional every day.

 The bamboo floors look stunning and are very eco-friendly.

 Nice idea recreating the outdoors indoors with the grass-like rug.
 Reminds me of my mattress laying on my apartment floor in college, except the space is about 100 times nicer.
 Clear glass enclosure for an over-sized, circular tub...I like A LOT!
 The oval, gemstone tiles look spectacular in the shower area.

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DePetra Trunk Show at High Fashion Home

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See you next weekend!
Saturday April 10, 2010
DePetra jewelry trunk show

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Get To Work

What girl doesn't love cute desk accessories? If you have to go to that evil place where they hold your paycheck every day*, you might as well make yourself smile with fun thumbtacks and sticky notes.  All products are from Girl Of All Work and Knock Knock.

Start off by replacing those plain ol' silver, metal thumbtacks with fabric covered ones.  Much prettier.  And for those of you needing magnets... you're welcome.
Are you the type of girl who hosts happy hours specifically to rant about your boss?  Then maybe this is a little more your style.  Slip a copy of US Weekly into one of these folders at your next pointless meeting.

Nice: Cuckoo clock sticky notes on which you can draw clock arms to fill in the time.  Naughty:  Sticky notes meant for teasing your coworkers (whether they can take the joke or not).

Make sure you take every morsel of information away from that TPS report by flagging the important stuff with pretty page flags.  Mark your spot with a magnetic origami bookmark so you can read it at home in bed.  Just what you wanted!

* I would be referring to your place of work, not mine.  My workplace is a bucket of sunshine and daisies all the time.

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I Spy...

I was just reading one of my daily blog reads, Apartment 34, when I spied this beautifully simple nightstand setup! I've never seen anything like that small bookshelf! It's so cool, so simple, so PRACTICAL! If anyone knows where I can procure something like that for myself, chime in!

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