Lovely Home in Charlotte

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I saw this house while checking out Southern Living. The house is so classic and beautiful on the outside and it just gets better once you walk through the door. I really enjoy the different prints and colors used throughout the house. Love it.

I have always loved houses that look like this one.

The family room. I love this room so much! Every piece of furniture is a different print but they all work so well together. That mirror? Fuhgettaboutit! : ) And there is plenty of seating so everyone can hang out together.

Now, green is my favorite color so I love the green walls and other little touches of green in this kitchen. Even if it weren't green I would still love it. I think every kitchen needs to have an island. I like the big window and the mix of glass door and solid door cabinets.

I LOVE that the stove is set in an alcove! I'm not sure why other than I think it looks neat.

The breakfast area is great! Yes, I love the lime green chairs but I also think the bench seating along the wall is very smart and then the storage space under that seating is brilliant!

The dining room looks great! I absolutely LOVE the chandelier!!

Daughter's bedroom. Of course, more green (love it) and I like the little reading corner complete with tent. The wallpaper is fun too and livens up the whole room.

This is the son's room. Love the bright colored bedding in the same room as the black and white curtains!

This is the "office". Truly, it's my kind of office. Very organized and uncluttered. Nice.

The parent's bedroom is much more neutral and simple but still very great looking.

Love, love this bathroom! It's got so much great light coming in. I bet a bath in that tub is so relaxing!

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