Colors Of The Rainbow

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There are so many different ways to use colors to brighten up a room. It is amazing how using different hues can be inventive and create something very appealing to the eye. No matter what shade you may choose to utilize, it will become a characteristic that suits your style. 

Color Spectrum's contain all different kinds of hues that you can take advantage of. Here's my rainbow of rooms with colors that will inspire you.

Red is usually thought to be a romantic color. Using it in a bedroom is the perfect place for you and your significant other.

The pink chairs are the perfect touch for this space.

I never thought you could use so much yellow in a room and still have it be sophisticated.

Green adds life to a room. This one is for all nature lovers.

Blue is for glamor and in this space it does just that.

 Purple is for royalty at its finest.

The use of brown in this space is very neutral and inviting.

White can bring out any color. Although, in this living room it sits quietly for those to look at, but not touch.

Can I get a cup of tea with that gray sofa, please?

Need a spa day. Relax in black and white.

Check out these hues from HFH website.

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