Decorating the Thanksgiving Table!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving is in a few days and I'm sure you're all getting ready for it. I am helping my grandmother plan and decorate for our family festivities this year and for the past week we have been talking about the table (or tables, since there will be close to 30 of us getting together this year!) So, I've been looking for some inspiration and found some pictures I thought were worth sharing. Thank you Better Homes and Gardens!

 This is such a simple idea and wouldn't take long to put together. The flowers look so beautiful in the gourds and you could just have several of these running down the middle of the table.

I love this flower pumpkin. It would take a little time but it looks amazing!

I think the cranberries would make for a more dramatic centerpiece. Gorgeous!

All the colors of Fall. The table looks very festive!

I love this! Green always looks good in the center of the table. And another easy idea. They look good clustered together in the middle of the table but you could also set them alone.

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