House of Gold

Friday, October 29, 2010

 The House of Gold is nestled in a medieval town in Croatia.

Courtesy of desire to inspire, the House of Gold is a beautiful home renovation.  You can see how amazing the transformation was by checking out the "before" photos on this blog.

The interior design of the house is very simple and fresh.  The funky rocking chair is cool!

 Throughout the house, there are unexpected splashes of yellow and red.

 The house has a very beautiful, white aesthetic.  It makes the punches of yellow and red that much more impactful.
 Talk about spontaneous.  A red step here,  A red post there.  A yellow vertical plank here.  Love it!

 A wonderful view of the Croatian countryside.  I can imagine reading my Kindle there.
After a hard days work, you want to be able to enjoy a nice, uncluttered bedroom.  You can enjoy a nice conversation with the two simple, mid-century modern chairs in the corner. 

 This is a good way not to forget a recipe.

 Something about chalk writing always gets me excited (maybe it just brings back childhood school memories)!  For home decor purposes, the chalk brings a very personal touch to any home decor.

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