Celebrity Closets, Oh My!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I love closets. I liked playing in my mom's closet and my grandmother's closet when I was little. I used to imagine that I was in a whole world all my own, hide amongst the clothes and then eventually play dress up with whatever I felt like. If either of the closets I played in as a kid looked ANYTHING like the following closets, I'm sure I would never have stopped playing in them. These things really ARE their own worlds and dress up heaven for big people! They are huge, colorful, beautiful, magical... Of course, most of them are womens closets. I guess guys closets are just too boring?? I'd get lost in any of them. : ) 
(Thank you to Elle Decor and In Style for the photos)

 Nate Berkus. I like the mirror at the end, it makes the space look bigger.

Nicky Hilton. I LOVE the wood floors.

Anna Sui. A lovely, organized mess. She uses Polaroids on her shoe boxes so she knows what's what.

Mariah Carey. Oh my goodness! And she has more shoes in storage.

Brian Atwood. The clothes are out of sight but not out of mind.

Loree Rodkin. Yep. I would have hidden in the wall of jackets and blouses!

Nanette Lepore. Just amazing. 

Christina Aguilera. This closet is just for shoes; she has another one for clothes. One of my faves. I love the pink shelves, the red curtain and chandelier, the leopard carpet!

Olivia Wilde. This one is so beautiful. The vanity is gorgeous, the rug is perfect and I love all the natural light coming in.

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