It's a Shed, It's a Guest Room, It's a Shipping Container!

I found this incredible shipping container remodel today while checking out Dwell. It's part garden shed, part guest room/playroom/whatever room. Stacey Hill wanted to add some extra space to her home and with the help of Texas architect Jim Poteet, she got exactly what she wanted. Check it out!

Architect Jim equipped this place with floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, air conditioning and heat and all kinds of green features.

The landscaping around the container was done by Jon Ahrens of Madrone Landscaping. I love the green roof! Green roofs can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling PLUS they look beautiful.

They kept the original container doors on one end for the opening to the garden shed.

The inside is kept pretty simple, which is good in a small space. At the far end of the room are the bathroom and sink.

Here's the bathroom, outfitted with an open shower and electric composting toilet!

The walls and floors are covered in bamboo ply. Very durable and great looking.

I love this space. It's small but looks awesome and serves its purpose well.

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