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It's hot here in Houston. In fact... it's hot everywhere. I was visiting my family in NYC last week and it reached 103 degrees! And, sticky hot summer days make getting dressed a little tricky. Summer styles are breezy, strappy and sheer, which sounds great, except poses a few clothing mishap possibilities. Ladies, you know what I mean. All those shirts you think you can't "get away with" because they are cut too low in the front, or back, or have straps in places that aren't functional or cover what you need covered? And we all have that dress that blows up every time a (much needed) breeze comes through? Yeah, I feel you.

May I share my new found secret? ... Super easy and thin seamless layering pieces from Nikibiki, now available online at High Fashion Home.

A tube top under a sheer blouse or low cut tee or sundress can be your best friend. Also you can wear it around the waist to cover up the gap between low rise pants and a top!

A basic, longer version of a seamless cami is an essential layering piece.

A cropped version of your favorite seamless legging is perfect for under flyaway floaty dresses!

Check out all the new NikiBiki products now on our High Fashion Home website. Available in 8 colors. Prices start at $5!

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Blogger ely said...

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July 19, 2010 at 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Those are good summer choices and look great on you! I only wear Niki Biki during the summer. Capri's and jeggins are where it's at for me!el

July 21, 2010 at 12:07 AM  

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