Paloma Picasso's Moroccan Retreat

Thursday, May 20, 2010

While running yesterday, with the boyfriend, I was thinking that we needed to get away. Whether it be a full fledged vacation with the works or just a quick weekend getaway. I was just thinking that we needed a break from the norm, then it hit me like a runaway freight train! My friend Paloma Picasso, daughter of renowned painter Pablo Picasso, has a Moroccan home that is her retreat, we can go there!!! (I know, I know! You're dying with envy right now.)

I remember seeing Paloma's home in the pages of Harper's Bazaar, so I popped over and was just in awe of it. Her home, purchased in 2006, was renovated throughout and was what her husband, Eric Thévenet, called a "sleeping beauty."

Paloma Picasso, next to her indoor pool, looks gorgeous in her caftan.

In their main room they have an amazing book case with a chandelier that is just flawless!

A painting of Paloma Picasso by her mother, Françoise Gilot.

Picasso and her husband, Thévenet, in the patio of their home.

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