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Friday, April 02, 2010

What girl doesn't love cute desk accessories? If you have to go to that evil place where they hold your paycheck every day*, you might as well make yourself smile with fun thumbtacks and sticky notes.  All products are from Girl Of All Work and Knock Knock.

Start off by replacing those plain ol' silver, metal thumbtacks with fabric covered ones.  Much prettier.  And for those of you needing magnets... you're welcome.
Are you the type of girl who hosts happy hours specifically to rant about your boss?  Then maybe this is a little more your style.  Slip a copy of US Weekly into one of these folders at your next pointless meeting.

Nice: Cuckoo clock sticky notes on which you can draw clock arms to fill in the time.  Naughty:  Sticky notes meant for teasing your coworkers (whether they can take the joke or not).

Make sure you take every morsel of information away from that TPS report by flagging the important stuff with pretty page flags.  Mark your spot with a magnetic origami bookmark so you can read it at home in bed.  Just what you wanted!

* I would be referring to your place of work, not mine.  My workplace is a bucket of sunshine and daisies all the time.

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