A View From Paradise!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For $2,800,000, you can live in this slice of heaven, located in Byron Bay, Australia (via desire to inspire).  The beautiful, minimalist decor takes a backseat to the natural surroundings of the home.  Prepare to be blown away by the awe-inspiring scenery that is Australia.

 That's a backyard you can be proud of.

 It's not quite a hotel-like paradise until you have a nice pool accompanied by a jacuzzi.

 Love the clean, light hardwood floors.  I spy the Aldo Dining chairs' cousin.

 This house would be the ultimate dinner party space.  When you have a backyard like that, you need the big, tall windows that connects the interior with the outdoor space.

 If you get the right size pendant light, you only need one above your kitchen island.  I love the clean backsplash.

 I wish I had the budget for those kitchen cabinets.  Probably one barstool too many.
 Nice, rich tones in the wood planks.

 The front yard is not too shabby either.

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