Photographer Extraordinaire: Ditte Isager

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks to desire to inspire for the tidbit on Ditte Isager, an uber talented photographer.  Check out her wonderful interiors portfolio below:

I tell customers all the time to put a great, comfortable chaise near a window.  If you like to read, it's the best seat in the house.

A classic, mid-century modern sideboard!

White and black always makes a statement, whether it's apparel fashion or home interiors.

Butter leather, tufted seating that cantilevers off the wall.  That is cool.

I always like the library-look in a house.  It makes you appear smarter than you are.

Old school spiral staircase.  Fond memories.  That is a great vintage leather chaise.

A nice, blue canvas chair.

The quilt goes perfectly with the flooring.

I love white marble dining tables.  Only if we could find a good source.  Every time we buy one for the store, it comes in damaged.

I'm telling you.  White marble dining tables look good in any setting.  It looked great in the minimalist, contemporary space in the photo before this. It looks great in this old, traditional space.

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