Modern Farmhouse?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I was enamored with this beautiful, modern add-on to a very traditional Ireland farmhouse (via Contemporist).  The design is so simple, yet so striking.  The interior space is a very clean, loft layout.  When I stayed in a English farmhouse two Christmases ago, it was nothing like this.  Check out the minimalistic wonder below:

The juxtaposition of styles is so unusual, it actually works!

The vertical wood planks warms up the modern design to help it tie back into the farmhouse look.

Who says you can't use chesterfield style chairs in a contemporary setting.

Just a nice open space.  You can cook in peace!

I like the wood decking leading back to the house.

 Floor to ceiling glass peering out into nature.  I dig it.

The illumination is stunning.  The house was design by ODOS Architects.

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