You've Got Piles and Piles of Mail!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Did anyone out there resolve to be more organized this year? The question for me is, when don't I resolve to get more organized? One of the worst culprits for me is the mail. I pick it up, bring it inside, and dump it on the coffee table. I manage to pull out all of the bills I need to pay, but everything else, from magazines to oil change discount flyers, sits on that table until I get motivated enough to sort through the massive stack that has accumulated. And then there are times when I have more than one stack going! It's insanity!

On to my point... I really love this DIY mail sorter by Bright & Blithe! Imagine that! A home for my mail! No more running around the apartment in the morning berating myself for not being able to find the electricity bill, because it will be sitting snugly in the 'to be paid' folder. Another plus: this thing is seriously easy to make (with basic sewing skills). No more piles of mail on the coffee table? Hubby will be so proud!

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