It's That Time Again...

Happy New Year's Eve (and subsequent New Year), everybody! Hope you get smooched tonight!

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Kelly Wearstler's Hue

Hue by Kelly Wearstler

Who doesn't love Kelly Wearstler? I got my sister-in-law this book for Christmas, and she loved it. Kelly is arguably the most talented interior designer in America. If a picture says a thousand words, then check out the photos below courtesy of the LA Times.

Also, here is a quick synopsis of the book:

Kelly Wearstler is the ultimate trendsetter in interior design. Hue by Kelly Wearstler builds upon the success of her first monograph, Modern Glamour, and includes recent, unpublished projects, including her home in Beverly HIlls, celebrity residential projects as well as some of her latest hotel projects. Hue celeberates the power of color in Kelly's work and the possibilities of color in interior design and decorating. A must-have for amateurs and professionals seeking design inspiration America's top interior designer.


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The Bird Cage

The Garden of Eden collection by Ontwerpduo. Photo by Lisa Klappe. 
Is it Spring yet? Because this looks heavenly...

I equally adore this Aviary Castle (yeah, castle is right) from Anthropologie. I think I feel a ray of sunshine already!

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Merry Christmas To All!

In honor of Christmas, may I recommend my favorite holiday movie? Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu with your family this year. (Don't forget the hot chocolate!)


New Delhi Masterpiece!

Courtesy of freshome, Morphogenesis, a design and architecture firm, had the task to design a project in New Delhi that could house a multi-generational family.

This house looks like a lit jewel box at night. Most houses neglect the importance of landscape and accent lighting.

The horizontal slats add a warmth to what is a pretty modern structure.

The outdoor patio and green space helps create that sense of place that can bond a family.

The loft style, airiness of the living room/dining room is a great communal, meeting ground for a big household.

Bringing the outdoors indoors with a lot of greenery, natural light, and a zen garden feel.

Now that is a pool! I love the floor to ceiling glass. It creates the indoor/outdoor connectivity.

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Tear It Up

  One pattern, so many possibilities...

I found this one at Design Milk by way of NotCot... I am a wallpaper fiend. I could literally drool at the thought of using this wallpaper in my future home.

Install the sheets, then peel off any pieces you desire. Made by ZNAK, customized by you.

Here's another way to show off your kid's mad art skills.

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Don We Now Our Gay Apparel!

If I had a teeny baby neice or daughter, I would most certainly outfit her in these for Christmas! So. Freaking. Cute.

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Always On Time

So many important dates to add to my 2010 calendar... A friend's wedding in September, my big sister's due date in June, hubby's birthday in May. I better make sure to have a calendar I want to look at everyday. Somehow, I don't think that will be my problem this year...

SuzyJack, $18.50

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On My Wish List...

Vine-Ripened Earrings in Purple, $32
I was browsing through Anthropologie's collection of earrings the other day in search of a pair to give, but instead, I found a lot that I wanted to get! And the best thing about them? The prices are not too shabby.

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Blast From My Past

Rewind the clock almost five years ago. I was a wide-eyed college grad moving to New York to pursue my career in fashion. I was offered an internship at Mint Collection whose founder was a fellow Baylor grad. Best. Job. Ever.

Draped Zipper Tunic by Jodi Arnold, $209

Now flash back to the present. The name Mint has been dropped in favor of Jodi Arnold, she's opened a shop in the West Village, and is now collaborating with The Limited on a line to be unveiled in March. Dare I say, I'm proud?

Jodi in her shop. Photo via The Cut.

So, yay, for Jodi! I hope I can get up to New York at some point to see the shop. And just between us, she was a fantastic boss!

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Thank You For Being A Friend

Due to my ever expanding family, and my pathologic need to buy them gifts, I've had to cut back on my spending in the friend category, but I still like to create a little something to let them know I care. Maybe this would fit the bill?

I found it over at Twig & Thistle. Everybody likes a little something sweet and who doesn't have fond memories of roasting marshmallows for S'mores? I love an easy, creative idea.

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Elle Decor: A Glamorous Renovation

In this December's issue of Elle Decor, designer Miles Redd unleashed a large dose of drama into a traditional New York apartment. Redd artfully blends different eras and attitudes to create a very glamorous style statement. Check out his interior design magic below:

The Louis XV inspired chairs in the green, mohair-like velvet is the perfect foil to the Etienne Drian screen.

You can't go wrong with the children's bed from IKEA. I love the blue and white striped carpet flooring which is what you would normally see as the wallpaper. The rug is from Dash & Albert.

Very eclectic setting. It's nice how the all the picture frames don't match, which is a fallacy most people make. Mix and Match is sometimes better than all Match!

Big fan of the back splash tiles. Now that is a kitchen I wouldn't mind cooking in. I like the play of the ivory and black colors.

A unique, modified chevron flooring. The high gloss paint in the deep blues gives off that old Hollywood glam feel.

The big mirrored piece helps make the room feel grander than it is. The light blue velvet sofa is very opulent.

Red done right makes for a beautiful, mood evoking place. The little red trim outline on the windows is a great little touch.

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