With the extreme heat of Houston summers, everything here is turning brown. I'm dying for a bit of color. That's why I'm so drawn to agate accessories. Aren't they gorgeous?

Agate Necklaces by Jennifer Fisher

Coaster Set available at High Fashion Home, $59

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An Undeniable Value

Chester Sofa in Carmine Citrine
It's that time again. Your kids are back in school and the holidays are rapidly approaching. Seriously, the Christmas displays are going up already! Wouldn't it be nice to have a shiny, new, unstained sofa for your mother-in-law to sit on this year? Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams wants to make that easier for you. They just kicked off their Undeniable Value Event so that you can enjoy 20% off of any upholstery or casegood order! If you've been waiting to replace your red leather sofa with a purple velvet one, now is the time to do it! You've got until October 12th. Oh, and you're welcome.

P.S. While you're here looking for a sofa, you might want to check out the art. We just got a ton more pieces in AND they're all 50% off. Undeniably. Valuable.

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A Plethora of Peacocks

"Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies for instance." -John Ruskin

That may be, but beauty can really boost your mood sometimes. A burst of color from a peacock feather is just what is needed for a simple, neutral room.

Peacock Dark Rug by Matthew Williamson for The Rug Company

Dress by Matthew Williamson from Spring 2004

Pavonine I @ High Fashion Home

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More Fabrics! High Fashion Fabrics Now Online!

High Fashion Fabrics' E-commerce Website

Our sister store, High Fashion Fabrics, just launched their e-commerce site over the weekend. The layout is very similar to the HF Home site. They sell apparel, garment, and craft fabrics for weddings, evening wear, and various sewing projects.

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Saved by the Bell

Why should the kiddos be the only ones with fun desk supplies? Personally, I love a cheeky pencil holder. I love for my desk to have more than the basic black tape dispenser and stapler. I spend a lot of time there, so I want it to be inviting.

These are the equivelant of desktop bling. They create rainbows when spun. That's one way to procrastinate, I suppose. Vasa Cubes, $350 for 6 @ MoMA.

Nothing like bright red Fu Dogs to guard your books. I have plenty of books that need to be wrangled! Fu Dog Bookends, $49.95 @ CB2.

Paperwork is a whole lot more fun when you have something pretty to look at! Synchronicity File Folders, $5.99 @ Container Store.

Feeling stabby? Get Dead Fred. You can stab him over and over again without dealing with lawyers and jail and juries. Dead Fred Pen Holder, $9.95 @ High Fashion Home.

Writing notes would be so much more pleasureable if I was writing with something beautiful. I absolutely love this pencil. Flowering Twig, $5 @ Anthropologie.

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BFF's 4-eva!

Pick Up Sticks Necklace by The Docent, $105

Quick! What does this necklace remind you of? If you said "Those friendship bracelets I used to make in elementary school!!!"... Bingo! Is this cool again? Are we doing this? Because I will bust out my collection of embroidery floss and get to twisting!
Yesterday, I found these on Apartment 34:

by For You, For Me via Etsy
Oh, it is on (like Donkey Kong).

P.S. After I found those two necklaces, I wanted to see if I still had to bracelet making skills...
Now I know. That skill is permenantly implanted in my brain. Awesome.

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Three Cool Things

I did a lot of clicking around on the world wide web one day, and I found lots of cool little things. Since then, I've just been hanging onto said things, not knowing quite where to stick them. They are homeless no more. Presenting... three cool things:

These Log Bowls from Loyal Loot are really cool. They are made from reclaimed pieces of wood and given a bright paint job on the inside. Naturally beautiful. 

My husband thinks I'm a hardcore coffee addict. I think if I was truly hardcore, I'd have one of these. It's a Coffee Cuff from Contexture Design. But I don't have one of these... yet.

I'm not about to slap these on my electric bill, but these envelope wraparounds from TapeSwell are pretty darn cool. Maybe for my Christmas cards...

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For the Love of Art

After four days of grueling work, the Art Gallery on the fourth flooe is finally organized! The walls are filled with beautiful pieces. All of the art is arranged by size. But here's the best part... it's ALL 50% off! Get it while the gettin's good!

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I love mint green. I brings to mind my favorite flavor of ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip (from Blue Bell, of course!). Lately, I've been seeing some delicious, minty goods for sale...

Nellie wallpaper in Mint Chip by Grow House Grow!

J. Crew Cashmere sweater in Heathered Aqua, $145

Chain Ribbon Cuff in Clover by Rachael Leigh at Charm & Chain

Wave Pattern Wedges in Mint, $98 at Anthropologie.

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Chemistry Cocktail Madness!

This incredible endeavor began in mid-March, when we officially ran out-of-stock on our Chemistry Cocktail Set. It's our best selling item online, and customers have been placing special orders by the dozens since then. Our original ETA was suppose to be in early April. Then it was late April. Late April turned into May, June, and finally late July.

So fate has it that the day our truck was suppose to arrive, the delivery gets delayed to the late afternoon. Which happens to be just in time for a torrential downpour the likes we haven't seen since Hurricane Ike came roaring through. We have video to prove our harrowing tale:

Part 1:

And to prove how committed we are to our customer's happiness, our staff braved the weather to help unload our big shipment of Chemistry Cocktail Sets (broken toes and all). We managed to unload, package, and ship out over 30 sets in less than an hour. Our systems aren't exactly automated. We have to actually put a lot of manual labor with a splash of TLC to get these orders processed.

Part 2:

Now, we are fully stocked with enough inventory to hopefully last a while. We try to price our items lower than our competitors. Anytime we can sell an item like the Sun and Moon Jar for almost half the price at Target, you know you are doing a good job saving your customers money. And that is a recipe for a happy ending.

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Getting It Together

Just because it says "Assembly Required" doesn't mean you should run the other way. Ikea built a whole business on that principle, but this is not Ikea. The Cuppa end table, by Vincent Reardon, arrives in a single shipping tube, and transforms into a cool, magazine holding, modern end table. Simple and easy.

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Oprah + High Fashion Home!

The September Oprah issue just hit newsstands. The Faux Malachite Jewelry Box made the O List as one of the few things they think are just great. This is the first time High Fashion Home has ever been mentioned by Oprah magazine. So it was pretty emotional seeing it for the first time.

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Against the Wall

On the Fourth Floor...

...and the Third Floor.
With the addition of a couple of pretty wallpapers on display at our store, as seen above, I've been thinking about wallpaper again. I can't wait to paper my own walls with lovely prints and bold graphics...

Nellie is a nice, dainty print, but which color do I choose? From Grow House Grow!

I love the Maidenhead print for its bold simplicity. By Jill Malek.

Louise Body makes some delicious prints. Go nice with Garden Birds or naughty with Erotica.

For a sharp burst of color, I'd choose Elizabeth by Madison & Grow.

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Felt Up

Felt. Don't confuse these accessories (sophisticated felt) with the stuff you used to make little figures out of in 3rd grade (crafty felt). I love how the clutch below, by Graf & Lantz, is embossed with a zebra pattern to upgrade it to Night-Out status. It's lined in contrasting taffeta and it's only $89! Not too shabby!

I adore this quirky handmade felt bowl made from the wool of Ohio Valley Sheep. Yet another perfect addition for my eclectic collection of catchalls. At Anthropologie, $68 for medium. Small and Wee (how adorable!) Felt Bowls also available.

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So Charming

Pile it on! Get your hands on them at Generate Design

It's about time! I can't think of a more perfect designer to create dainty 18 karat gold charms than the legendary Tord Boontje! Here's the cool part- the charms are packaged in three's. Once they're in your greedy little hands, you can do anything you desire with them. Turn them into earrings, get all four sets and make a killer necklace, or just wear one at a time. And, at only $39 per set, they make a great gift for that design junkie friend of yours (i.e. me).

From left: Package One, Three, Four, and Two and a stylish serving suggestion.

This is more my style. Package Two is my favorite. The deer reminds me of the ones I see on morning runs when the weather is cooler.

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Puppy Love

Two weeks ago, my husband and I adopted an adorable 3 year-old Black Lab mix named Kola. She was rescued from Galveston a few years back and raised by a coworker of John's until now. They needed a new home for her and we gladly took her in! 

Naturally, we've gotten her lots of toys and treats, we take her for lots of walks, and play fetch until it's time for bed. However, Kola has one thing that, I think, most dogs do not: a custom-made Amy Butler print dog bed.

Since she's relatively small (especially for a Lab!), I just bought a 30 x 30 down pillow and whipped up a pillow cover with one of the super-cute Amy Butler fabrics we sell here. Of course, I picked a darker color because she sheds like mad. The verdict? Success! She loves relaxing on it during the day and sleeping on it at night. Nothing but the best for our very hairy baby!

For more information on the Amy Butler fabrics we carry in the store, feel free to give us a call!

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Head Games

Why is it that we so often neglect our noggins? Not necessarily what we put in them, but what we put on them.  Fancy up your head a bit next time you go out. Your hair will appreciate it.
Eniko Headband by Erin Barr, $40

No. 12 by, $130

Speak Low Headband by Bambako, $32

Tessa Headband in Nuclear Explosion by Little Von Loo, $44

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5,070 Trees and Counting...

Photo by: angela7dreams 

Thanks to all our customers for joining High Fashion Home and the Arbor Day Foundation for helping plant 5,070 trees. I'm trying to envision 5,070 trees, and I'm picturing a nice, medium size forest. But really, any little thing we can do for the environment is a definite plus.

Here are some of the benefits one tree can make for years to come:
  • One tree can absorb more than a ton of carbon dioxide
  • Over the cours of 50 years, a single tree can control $31,500 of soil erosion.
  • Trees help maintain clean water supplies.
  • One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen a year.
  • Trees help maintain clean water supplies.
My math says our trees will help produce 1,318,000 pounds of oxygen in the next year. Not bad at all.

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On The Chain Gang

Forget about that sweet, delicate chain with a little bird charm hanging off of it. The chains right now are all about more, more, more. And they are tough as nails.

Litter SF makes punk appropriate shoe jewelry to toughen up your existing stilletos. Add that to your night out. Walk the Plank Shoe Jewelry, $98.

Givenchy built the chains straight into the dress in Fall 2008.

The designs from Gemma Redux are filled with chains. Which to choose, which to choose... Carolyn Bracelet, $272.

Armor (via Etsy) is creating amazing body jewelry with varying styles and widths of chain. Tell me this wouldn't look incredibly sexy with a backless top. Rei, $200.

Even porcelain is getting a badass makeover. Bowl by Sarah Cihat with chainwork by Michael Miller.

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