That's Not A Bad Idea

I was always a fan of the whole chalkboard paint thing. While furnishing a model apartment in the Mosaic, Cyn and I tranformed one wall in the kitchen into a blackboard and loved it:
But now, I might have to join Team Dry-Erase. I've discovered Idea Paint. It works the same way as chalkboard paint, but it's white (or beige, or even orange!) and you can turn a room into a giant dry-erase board without the looming dark walls!

See? The room stays airy and bright, and you have a huge surface on which to draw, doodle, and erase.

And, of course, it's a kids best friend. "Yes, Suzy. You may draw on the walls!" P.S. Isn't that tree adorable?

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Tropical Heatwave

Nothing makes a hot day cooler than a refreshing adult beverage at the end of the day. Just follow the rainbow...

Watermelon Punch at Martha Stewart

Negroni Punch at Bon Appetit

Sparkling Sangria at Cooking Light

Layers of Lemon Cooler at Timeless Gourmet via Tastespotting

Guava Jalapeno Margarita at The Food Network

And finally, The Blueprint Martini at Martha Stewart


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Baby, It's Hot Outside

There is nothing worse than coming in from the 100 degree heat just to get into a hot bed. You wouldn't wear a coat in July, so why should your bed? I adhere to the idea of using the hot months as a chance to change up my bedroom a little bit and just use sheets. Okay, and maybe a light blanket, because that air conditioning can get drafty. When I use my patterned comforter, I stick to basic white sheets, but when the duvet is a away, the sheets can play (or something like that). Here are the ones I have my eye on:

Rubie Green's East Village Sheet Set, $179-229

Crate & Barrel's Tallulah Sheet Set, $45-$80

West Elm's Printed Percale Sheet Set, $79-119

Dwell Studio's Draper Stripe Sheet Set, $286-$341

Plover Organic's Drowsy Vine Sheet Set, $228-$269 at Anthropologie

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Hey Mama

It took me too long to realize just how cool my mom is. Sorry, Mom! I knew for sure she was cool the other day when I was checking out the pillows on Jonathan Adler's website and some of the patterns looked strangely familiar...

My mom made these pillows and the bench cushion when she and my dad lived on the East Coast for the Navy in the late 60's/early 70's.

The pillows and bench are needlepointed in a Bargello style motif. What was very cool back then is cool once again.

Look familiar? The bottom right pillow in the Chevron pattern is the same one my mom used to cover her bench (except for the colors, of course!). Oh, Mom... You're so cool.

Jonathan Adler pillows, clockwise from top left: Bargello Waves Pillow in Multi, 16x16, $125; Bargello Puzzle Pillow, 22x22, $175; Bargello Chevron Pillow, 22x22, $175; Bargello Kaleidoscope Pillow, 12x12, $95.

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Museums Are Cool

Blossom Sleeve Bolero and Balloon Dress by Isabel Toledo.

If you live in New York, or if you will be there before September 26th, be sure to see the Isabel Toledo exhibit at the Museum at FIT. Her designs are, for lack of a better term, insanely amazing. If you see it, let me know! I'll be so jealous!

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Let's Take This Outside!

I know it's horrifically hot outside, but doesn't a beautiful outdoor dining space look so appealing? So maybe I'll wait to indulge until the crispness of fall hits the air, but I'll be plotting my ideas in the meantime...

This one loosely reminds me of the outdoor area my sister, Becca, had at her former California abode. They had an arbor laced with ivy and little flowers. It was so pretty! I like the one above, from Martha Stewart... especially with the addition of several glass lanterns hanging overhead.

I don't know how practical this would be, dining in a field of tall grass, but it makes for a breathtaking photo! via Coco+Kelley.

This one, also from Coco+Kelley, is so glamourous with the beautiful arbor and the vintage chandelier hanging above. If I'd had a small outdoor wedding, this is how I would have done it. (Note to my parents: I loved my wedding just the way it was!)

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Banners and Signs!

After 3 plus years and Hurricane Ike, High Fashion Home finally has actual banners and billboards up. How can something so simple, take so long? I think it's just the nature of working with sign companies. But everything is up and it looks great!

We used a perforated vinyl graphic that shows great imagery on the outside, yet a lot of natural light illuminates the interior space.

Ten months after Hurricane Ike dumped 1000 gallons of water into our building and blew out our corner sign, we finally were able to get our billboards back up.

I think our outdoor photoshoot came off quite nicely.

The turquoise floral velvet has been a hit ever since we've started running this ad. Too bad the fabric has since been discontinued.

This is our 3rd attempt to get our banners right. Hopefully, we won't have to worry about these for another 5 years.

These banners are so integral to our building architecture. Our buidling finally looks they way Gensler intended it to be.



I suppose I'm slightly biased. I even like to say the word chartreuse. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. Chartreuse.

It's a good thing the color itself can back up all the hype I'm giving it. It's punchy yellow with an undertone of green. Sounds like a winning combination to me. Perhaps you should try some on this summer...

I like the unexpected pop of chartreuse behind the striped pillows. Loverly! Photo via Domino (r.i.p.).

I kind of want to buy this clock. I'm trying to resist the urge! Innermost Eclipse Clock, $184 @ High Fashion Home.

The company is my new obsession. There will be further posts on Casamidy, but for now, you can enjoy the Almidi Arch Table. It can be painted in any Benjamin Moore color!

I fell in love with this Rory Beca top that I found in Lucky. So swingy and airy for a summer night out.

Beachside sexy. via ShopBop.

I really wish I had a pair of chartreuse heels. It would perk up my outfits oh-so-much! Photo via Coco+Kelley.

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This is NOT Your Church's Stained Glass

I've spotted a couple of cool, geometric stained glass inspirations lately that I thought I could share with you. What do you think? Tres chic or am I off my rocker?

I found this one in Lucky magazine. It's a surf shop in San Francisco called Mollusk (love the name, too). I love how the arches cut through the window panes. Very cool.

I found this one over at Coco+Kelley (love to read that blog!). The colors could go kinda 70's (not that that would be a bad thing), but the mostly white interior keeps it fresh and modern.

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Just a Little Bit

A little neon goes a long way. I'd say we learned that the hard way in the early 90's. A lot of horrendous Fresh Prince of Belair outfits come to mind... Luckily, when you pair a bit of neon with neutrals, it comes off as fun, not tragic. Observe:

Let's start at the beginning. This is the moment when my neon obsession began. Suede used hot pink eyelashes on his model during the last season of Project Runway. I. Loved. It. (P.S. The new season starts August 20th on Lifetime. I can't wait!)

It's very Mad Men meets the 80's where the very classic pump sports a neon yellow toe. Well played, Michael Kors.

This is why I love J. Crew. I can get in on the action without going completely broke. Claire Neon-Trimmed Leather Ballet Flats in British Khaki, $148.

It's no surprise that Matthew Williamson would get in on the neon trend. His collections are some of the most vibrantly colored ones I've ever seen!

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Technology Bites

Sihna-Stanic Spring 2009 Show... Even the backdrop is pixelated!

Is low-res the new high fashion? Pixelated patterns are everywhere and, if you ask me, the geometry is so sweet.

Casly Tank by Miss Sixty (via Lucky's April 09 issue)

Pixelated patriotism at the BET Inauguration Ball.

Mike & Maaike "Stolen Jewels" (Read about their process... it's wicked!)

Rug designed by ADAM by Adam Lippes for the Fashion Underfoot Collection @ Elson & Company.

Is it just me, or is Dries Van Noten always on point?

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Opposites Attract

Paula Abdul was right (in the early 90's, at least) when she said opposites attract. Proclaim your opposition with cool vintage-style pillows. Place them on opposite sides of the sofa and let 'em duke it out!

I think I'm in love with these- so cheery! Kiss & Hug Needlepoint Kits (yes, you make these yourself!), $159 @ Emily Peacock Tapestry via Etsy.

So cute, so Jonathan Adler, and you don't have to know how to sew! Joy & Anger Needlepoint Pillows, $165 each.

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There are no words...

...with which to describe the awesomeness that is Max Azria (of BCBG fame) 's house . It would be like living in a colorful fantasy land. Thank you, Harper's Bazaar for printing this! And... talk amongst yourselves.

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