Wake Up Call

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've been having a hard time waking up lately. Maybe it's because there's nothing interesting to look at the second my eyes open. On my nightstand: two pairs of eyeglasses (for before-bed TV watching by my husband and I), a midcentury-modern white lamp, remote control, and a snoozefest of an alarm clock I've had since college. Time for an upgrade? Yes, please.

I've been eyeing this Wood LED Clock since it came into our store. The time shines through a super-thin veneer of wood. Maybe it's time I made it mine? 

The simplicity of the Aura Clock appeals to my need to keep things looking clean (I try, at least), but the pop of orange on the inside of the rim appeals to my desire for something interesting.

Daily Candy recently mentioned this Emily Clock. I like the practicality of it. I mean, who enjoys craning their neck to see the time in the middle of the night? Luckily, it's stylish as well. Because a practical clock means nothing to me if it's ugly.

Of all of the clocks, the Clocky is probably the one I need the most. The only caveat: my dog might attack it the second it rolls on the floor. She goes nuts for noisy things!

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