Art Education: Working with Patterns

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Part of what I love about wallpaper is that it can negate the need for art. It can be visually dynamic enough to run the whole show. That said, some well=placed clusters of art on a busy, patterned wall can look fantastic.

It's important to start with a strong base. In the photo above, the black-framed pieces provide a base on which the other pieces can build.

The pattern of the wallpaper is also important. All of these are relatively small prints. Small frames would get lost in a larger print.

I think the most important factor is unity. There has to be some unifying characteristic in the art. This is perfect, because the frames are all the same and the color red unites the entire room.

I also like how the placement of the art seems intentional, but also somewhat random. They aren't placed in a perfect square or rectangle. Some stick out at the bottom and some are placed farther apart that others. In this photo, it even seems to incorporate the sconce and the intercom.
The first photo is via Vogue, and the rest are via Domino.

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