Saved by the Bell

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why should the kiddos be the only ones with fun desk supplies? Personally, I love a cheeky pencil holder. I love for my desk to have more than the basic black tape dispenser and stapler. I spend a lot of time there, so I want it to be inviting.

These are the equivelant of desktop bling. They create rainbows when spun. That's one way to procrastinate, I suppose. Vasa Cubes, $350 for 6 @ MoMA.

Nothing like bright red Fu Dogs to guard your books. I have plenty of books that need to be wrangled! Fu Dog Bookends, $49.95 @ CB2.

Paperwork is a whole lot more fun when you have something pretty to look at! Synchronicity File Folders, $5.99 @ Container Store.

Feeling stabby? Get Dead Fred. You can stab him over and over again without dealing with lawyers and jail and juries. Dead Fred Pen Holder, $9.95 @ High Fashion Home.

Writing notes would be so much more pleasureable if I was writing with something beautiful. I absolutely love this pencil. Flowering Twig, $5 @ Anthropologie.

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