Puppy Love

Friday, August 07, 2009

Two weeks ago, my husband and I adopted an adorable 3 year-old Black Lab mix named Kola. She was rescued from Galveston a few years back and raised by a coworker of John's until now. They needed a new home for her and we gladly took her in! 

Naturally, we've gotten her lots of toys and treats, we take her for lots of walks, and play fetch until it's time for bed. However, Kola has one thing that, I think, most dogs do not: a custom-made Amy Butler print dog bed.

Since she's relatively small (especially for a Lab!), I just bought a 30 x 30 down pillow and whipped up a pillow cover with one of the super-cute Amy Butler fabrics we sell here. Of course, I picked a darker color because she sheds like mad. The verdict? Success! She loves relaxing on it during the day and sleeping on it at night. Nothing but the best for our very hairy baby!

For more information on the Amy Butler fabrics we carry in the store, feel free to give us a call!

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