Art Appreciation

Monday, June 01, 2009

Pardon me for using the blog for my own selfish use, but this picture was too adorable to pass up.

Cynthia's show, Hey You, was a great success- beautiful art, beautiful people, and the wine was flowing. A few nights later, she held another showing for friends and family. I decided to take my seven-year-old nephew Daniel. He is an avid drawer (and an amazing one at that! I'm not biased or anything...) and I suspected he might get a kick out of seeing a professional artist's work. He didn't just get a kick out of it. He was enthralled. We looked at every piece at least twice. I snapped this picture of him while he stared intently at this piece, entitled Hey...You?, for a good five minutes. I love to see a little kid with an interest in art!


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