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Monday, May 11, 2009

I was totally inspired by this page from Traditional Home! My main complaint about my small apartment is that it literally has no entryway of which to speak. Insanity, I tell you! Someday, I'll get my hands on a spacious entryway and jazz it up my way. My first step will be to wallpaper it in a vivacious, colorful print!

This one feels very gardenish to me, but not quite in the literal sense. The walls are floral, yes, but the legs on the table add an organic, surreal quality. From House Beautiful.

I just noticed that the wallpaper picks up the teal tile below. What a prime example of exploding pattern into a small space. From Domino: The Book of Decorating.

How hard is it to pull off neon wallpaper in a home? I don't really know. But this works. All subsequent photos from Domino.

Compared to some of these entryways, this one almost seems tame, but there's just enough pattern to not make it just another house.

I love the very thrown together quality of this. The geometric paper is very precise and linear, while to stacks of magazines muss it up just enough.

I would use elements of this in my own decorating, like the shabby chair. It's a very rustic, eclectic look.

I love that she used the pattern on three walls instead of the usual two. I really grabs your attention!

And then you see this and it commands your attention! Although this feels a bit clubby to me, it is a very cool look and the other elements in the room are subdued enough to keep it from going off the deep end.

This one is so sweet and serene. The pattern isn't overwhelming, keeping the spaces light and airy, but saving it from being blah.

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