Cool Nurseries! (Is That An Oxymoron?)

Monday, May 04, 2009

First of all, let me preface this blog by saying that I am neither pregnant, nor intend to be in the near future. I say this for the sake of my mom and sisters who faithfully read this blog.

While perusing through pictures pulled from the Domino website before they took it down (still upset about that, by the way. Sniff!), I noticed a lot of really cool nurseries. As in, I would decorate my adult bedroom the way they decorated their kids' room. Each photo had its own little inspiration...

The very pale aqua offsets the awesome wallpapered ceiling wonderfully. What a novel idea! Wallpaper on the ceiling!

These ebony-stained wood walls are breathtaking! And not a pastel in sight!

If I was to do pink, this is how I want to do it- fiery, in your face, unapologetic! That Amanda Peet sure does have style...

I like this one solely for its space saving ideas. The fuzzy throw rug is fun, too!

Obviously, I'm on a linen kick lately (see my last blog!) Wrinkly linen drapes are pretty for baby.

I love the idea of using a blown up picture of the kids as their own work of art. The fairy light chandelier is a playful light fixture.

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