Pompidou Museum

Monday, March 02, 2009

I had the pleasure of being in Paris this past December. For the first time, I visited the Pompidou Museum. Granted, I only spent 45 minutes there before I had to catch the plane back to London. It's definitely on my must-see list the next time around where I'll spend considerably more time exploring.

The outside is a mixed bag architecturally. I can't help but feel that Houston's own George R. Brown Convention Center took some design cues from here.
This place is huge!

Looks like random abstract art, until you take a look through a peep hole with a direct view. All the sudden you can see the shape of an eye, which was a very cool surprise.
Wow. I'm not sure if I want to sit in it or give it a hug.
Shiny part II.
Reminds me of a egg slicer. A very stunning egg slicer at that.
I'm not sure about the comfort, but it looks cool!
A lot of the pieces in this wing of the museum sit on rotating platforms. It adds to the dramatic effect.
I guess in a weird way, I can picture this as a futuristic seesaw.
Not sure what to make of this, but it does look impressive in person.
It's unbelievable how creative people can be.

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