Kitchen Couture

Stockholm Floral Apron from Anthropologie; Bib Audrey Cupcakes Apron from Jessie Steele.

Nothing like a sexy outfit to inspire the urge to bake! Or I could just fake it, pick up some cookies from the bakery, light a cinnamon candle, and throw on one of these babies. Either way...

Abigaile Apron from Funktion; Orla Kiely Apron from Target; Wobble Stripe Apron from Cath Kidston.

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Anonymous Sandra said...

Great apron finds. Absolutely love everything at Anthropologie. The Jessie Steele Aprons are a great vintage find. I love the Josephine Toile Apron by Jessie Steele.

May 20, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

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