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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Old Alsatian House in Castroville, Texas

Hubby and I just returned from our fantastically relaxing honeymoon in the Texas Hill Country, which means I have great stuff to share! Don't worry, it's nothing cheesy or super romantic. Just cool design, inspiring landscapes, and a bit of history.

I promise this is the only heart you'll see here, but aren't these shutters sweet?

Exhibit A: The Steinbach House located in Castroville, Texas (it's just west of San Antonio!) is a relatively new addition to their town, but the house isn't new at all. Oh, no. It was built in 1618. Yes, 1618, in Wahlbach, France. How, you may be asking, did it get to Castroville, Texas, then?

The posts that made up the entire house were held together using these wooden pegs.

Interesting story actually. The Steinbach family lived in it for many years, housing as many as 15 people (at once!) in the 1,232 square foot space. Eventually, the family decided to build a new house, so they disassembled the old one, labelling each post, and storing it for several years.

The posts were numbered with little wooden tags and stored.

It was shipped to Castroville in 1998 with lots of donations and help from many volunteers. The home was rebuilt and furnished and open to the public by March 2002.

The home was furnished with antiques donated by individuals from Alsace.

Can you believe a family of 15 lived in four open bedrooms and a small loft?

If you're ever in the area, I suggest you take a peek at it. It's absolutely adorable!

 I love the patchwork!

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