Is Your Upper Lip Feeling... Naked?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A mustachioed wedding... So that's what mine was missing!

Does anyone else notice that the most random things seem to take off overnight and become full-fledged uber trends? Men have rocked facial hair of centuries, so why, all of a sudden, are people going gaga over mustaches? Let's discuss...

Mustache March

Growing your mustache is the latest way to raise money for charity. What happened to the good, old-fashioned car wash? Google "mustache for charity" and you'll get over 300,000 hits about the subject. 

Here are a couple to get your started:  

Movember (sponsored by Canadian Club- maker of this hilarious ad. Oh, and beer.)

Michael Phelp's (America's swimming sweetheart) rocked a pornstache at the Olympics. 'Nuff said.

Mustache Hankie from Avrilloreti

If you're follicly challenged, a chick, or just don't want to deal with the upkeep, you have Mo options, too. Don't grow a scraggly trash stache! Just fake it.

Stylish Mustache Kit at High Fashion Home

Mustache on a Stick from Something's Hiding Here

Mustache Pint Glass from Bread and Badger

The moral of this story is, "Put a mustache on anything and it instantly becomes cooler". Feel free to experiment with little mustaches cut out of black paper. Put one on your dog, your girlfriend, your boss (wait until after your performance review for that one). Watch the hilarity ensue.
The Tom Selleck at Plan B Bar in Chicago. See the resemblance?

Mustachioed art. Hang that in your entryway. 

And now, grow forth...

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