Typographical Content

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We write all the time. We jot down phone messages, pen thank you's to our friends and family, and maybe even do a little Dear Diary-ing from time to time. Our penmanship can identify us to coworkers, siblings, possibly (yikes!) the crime lab. The way we cross our t's and dot our i's (I've finally outgrown the heart-over-the-i stage!) is a part of who we are, like our face or voice. That being said, some artists take it to a whole new level. Peruse NotCot and you'll find countless entries on typography (well, okay, only 109 posts, but that a lot!), and some of the findings are nothing less than magnificent! Here are some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure...
Customised Fruit by Sarah King @ Evening Tweed

Ink and Water by Craig Ward



Letter E by Dan Tobin Smith

I [heart] Milton by Oded Ezer


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