HF Weekly Obsession: The White Stuff

I have a vision for my future. One day, I'll get a cute little home in the Houston suburbs and thoughtfully decorate it. Of course, my family room will be stain proof, mess proof, and every other kind of proof you can imagine, but I'll have a room of my own in which to use my favorite color palette: white with white with white. I see shabby chic white living rooms in decorating magazines and wish I could do that. But, messy husbands and (future) kids dictate that white furniture is not in the cards. In the house in which I grew up, my sisters and I knew that playing and spilling was done only in the Family Room, and the Living Room was for holidays and adults only. Mom wouldn't appreciate a Kool-aid stain in her nice white carpet. So maybe I can have my cloud-hued dream room. First, I'll invest in this:

Sharp, white leather in a grid tufted pattern with modern chrome legs would make the perfect cocktail table in front of a white sofa. Rex Bench by American Leather.

After my white room is complete, I'll throw a party serving only clear liquids (as in that episode of Sex and the City), and then install a gate to keep out the Kool-aid!

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Anonymous LTLPrints Staff said...

This is a beautiful contemporary piece of furniture. I would enjoy having a home with modern design one day, but the kids right now are still young and loves to draw on walls and tables. One day though.. :)

October 27, 2008 at 2:31 PM  

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