Fashion vs. Furniture: The Wedding Edition

Friday, October 24, 2008

There's no doubt about your answer when you're wearing this Dior ring!
I love a good wedding... especially when it's mine. Yes, it's finally here! I'm getting married on Saturday! And with all the wonderful wedding spirit in the air, I had to bring on another edition of Fashion vs. Furniture, because it's my favorite thing to do! Enjoy! (My, my, my, but weddings do bring out the exclamation point-edness in me!)

A Modern Art Gallery Soiree

An art gallery might not be the first place that comes to mind to host your wedding reception, but it could be an amazing option! All the decoration you need is in the art, so everything else should be kept clean and simple. For the dress, pick something that is a work of art in itself. I love this quirky layered gown I found at Martha Stewart. Gallery photo via Flickr, Dress by Lela Rose.

A Casual Beach Bash
When you take the nuptuals outdoors, it's a good chance to get relaxed- dress and all. Kick off your shoes (yeah, like you could walk down a sand aisle in heels!), and put on a flowy gown that matches the casual atmosphere. Dress by Angel Sanchez.

An Intimate Restaurant Affair
A reception at a swanky restaurant, such as Tavern on the Green in New York, is a great excuse to wear something glam and sparkly. Everything in the room, from the crystal to the velvet chairs, seems to light up, and why should the bride be any different? This dress from Lela Rose should do the trick quite nicely!

An Airy Picnic Party
I've always loved the idea of a sweet picnic reception on a lovely Spring day, but alas, a lovely Spring day in Houston is as difficult to predict as what I'll be doing in 30 years! For those of you with year round beautiful weather (Northern California, I'm looking at you!), a picnic complete with gourmet sack lunches and charming cotton blankets is a romantic way to celebrate in the daytime. This J. Crew wedding dress is perfect for a day in the park, too!

A Classic Hotel Celebration
Is this Carolina Herrera gown not just perfect for the setting at the Hotel Icon? A timeless backdrop deserves a timeless look, and Carolina Herrera always delivers that! There's really nothing more to say, except that this is beautiful!

A Family Backyard Festivity
If you're fortunate enough to have a generous backyard, put it to good use. I love how rustic the decor at this wedding looks. String up some lights for when the sun sets and the party never has to end. For an outdoor fiesta, I'd choose a gown in a classic shape, created from comfortable vegetable-dyed silk to stay cool all evening. As for fighting frizz- you're on your own! Dress by Adele Wechsler.

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