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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A girly girl's paradise. Photo by Wesley Rose. 

It's never easy to compromise- especially on something as important as decorating your home. Whether you are working with a roommate, a spouse, or a sibling, you have to find a middle ground.

I'll be taking on my own decorating project at home when I get married in one month. My husband, and all of his "man stuff" will be invading my feminine space. Gone will be the days of leaving my stuff on the coffee table and cleaning it up when I feel like it. No more shoes strewn across every room of the apartment. It's time to make room for another.

Classic man-zone. Photo by Brandon Barre. 

I'm more of a visual learner (as I know many of y'all are), so I went in search of some inspiration for my gender-neutral decor. My fiance gave them the thumbs up, so what about you? Did I hit the nail on the head or am I too biased by my own style to find a true combination of masculine and feminine? Take a look...

The intricate shape of the chaise and chair adds femininity to the room while the neutral and textural elements ground the room and keep it masculine. There isn't a lot of embellishment to the vignette, instead letting the view outside take the lead. Photo by Gray Crawford.

I could envision a young couple entertaining here. Nothing about it screams "Guy!" or "Girl!", but the room as a whole is very stylish and simple. Little accessories placed around the room (like a bud vase of flowers) add that woman's touch. Photo by Melanie Acevedo.

Every piece in here is an example of balance. The color scheme of the room is perfectly neutral. The accessorizing is brilliantly executed and mixed well. My favorite part is the anchor of the room: the daybed-ish sofa. Feminine in shape, masculine in color and texture. Photo by Douglas Friedman.

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