The Great Outdoors?

Monday, September 01, 2008

To preface this blog, let me just say that I have never been the outdoorsy type. When I went to summer camp, I would dread the night when they made us actually sleep outside. When my sister took me camping on an island off of San Francisco, I panicked at the mention of "no bathrooms nearby". My idea of a fun camping trip is a two hour picnic- until now.
Thanks to Daily Candy (which informed me of the things in this blog), I actually want to give camping a try. I have three conditions:

My main beef about camping: the fact that I feel funky. There's a reason we learned to shower daily- we smell if we don't. So for my camping trip I would insist on having a Pocket Shower. So to review... Funky dance moves: okay, funky body odor: not so good.

Here's my second beef- when you are a girl, it is not easy to, ahem, relieve yourself outdoors. And if you have to go numero dos? Forget it. Where's the car? I'm outta here. That's why I would take the appropriately named Shit Box. Guess what you do with it.

On to my third, and final, condition. If I am going to shower and poo outdoors, it better be at the Ritz Carlton of campsites. So, I will be requesting a trip across the pond to FForest in Cardigan (that's in the UK y'all). You can stay the weekend in a dome like the one above and just zone out. No cell phone, no computer, no blogging. Just beautiful, natural surroundings, calming ocean, and your fellow travelers. I may just have to give this camping thing another shot.

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