We *Heart* Wood Floors

Friday, August 08, 2008

I grew up in NYC. This is not a disclaimer, just a little factoid. I guess I have a nostalgic love of old pre-war apartments with all their glorious imperfections and built in bookshelves, decorative moldings and warm, worn, old wood floors. Since I have moved to Houston, I have so rarely come across those treasured floors I spent my formative years taking for granted up north. The flats I have seen here are mainly new and the wood floors are even and flat and usually laminates, or the floors are covered in carpets, or slate tiles. Aesthetically pleasing nonetheless, they don't have that feel under my feet that I didn't even realize I longed for until I started seeing these pictures pop up in my magazines. 
I think I am in love. Swooning, butterflies in the stomach, giddy love... over chevron patterned old wood flooring. *Ahhhhhh, sigh!

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