PR5 Report: Episode 4

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I was a fan of Leanne's design. Stay on this track, Leanne!!!
A challenge worthy of the gods... well almost, actually. The designers were challenged to create a look for our American Olympians for the opening ceremony of the Summer Games, and, oh boy!, was there a variety of designs! We were given sporty to cocktail attire and everywhere in between. I was glad to see that Joe was given more screen time as I think he is one of the greater talents this season. Korto put out another fantastic design which was promptly given the gold medal. If you didn't see her design in episode three (a very flattering black jumpsuit), click here now and enjoy it. Terri also put forth a good ensemble. Perhaps I'll have to revise my choices for the top three?

From left: Terri's suit, Korto's leather and linen winner,
and Joe's literal take on the challenge.

Of course, with the good, there's is always some... slightly off. Daniel nearly missed elimination with his blue (purple?) cocktail dress. Save that for the post-Games parties. Jennifer was in the hot seat again this week and was eliminated for her ultra-prim and girly skirt and jacket combo. Personally, I enjoy her designs, but a designer has to learn to design for the customer, period. The judges made that point clear and she was auf'd. The judges were also critical of Jerell's design, which, while amazing and creative by any standards, was out of place and too costumey.
From left: Jerell's 40's ensemble, Daniel's purple number, and Jennifer's final bow.
My least favorite of the evening came from Keith (who is starting to really grate on my nerves!). He put together a jacket + poufy skirt + floppy tie ensemble that just didn't scream "Olympian!" However, he did play by the rules and kept it red, white, and blue, which probably redeemed him in the judges' eyes. Oh well.
As usual, check out Entertainment Weekly's take, and more pics at
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